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Orange County 55 Plus and Lakeside Communities Celebrate Memorial Weekend


My blessings are countless. Among all my blessings the greatest blessings is my freedom. This is a blessing to which I owe a great debt of gratitude to the men and women of our armed forces – our Heroes.

Just think about our freedom, comfort, our country in contrast to the dry, dusty, dirty conditions of the Middle East were many of our troops are located right now. While they are scanning the horizon for terrorists, improvised explosive devices and other threats, we enjoy our freedom, laughs and join with loved ones during holiday parties. They work long hours counting on their brother or sister soldier to protect their back.




We owe the men and women of our armed forces for everything we have in this country. Please take a moment and thank someone who has served our country this memorial weekend. Lakeside communities and over 55 Plus communities such as Lake Mission Viejo, Laguna Woods Village and Palmia in Orange County are home to many families who served our Armed Forces and as a Realtor® I am committed to serve them back with the utmost respect. Thank a Solider today.